Industrial automation and pneumatics

Our various types of materials reflect the needs of modern production plants and workshops. The offer includes components for industrial automation and pneumatics, as well as state-of-the-art sensors (temperature, magnetic, inductive) and other measuring devices. In order to increase the work ergonomics and improve visibility in the production halls, we have prepared artificial and emergency lighting which uses the energy-efficient LED technology. Our industrial fittings also include products and electrotechnical equipment, cable routes and various wires.

However, pneumatic, electrical components or crane equipment are not all that we can offer. We will estimate the value of our services considering the selection of the most appropriate materials and ensuring the reliable completion of the particular stages of work. For our clients looking for non-standard solutions, we have prepared an offer for cables and wires with non-standard colours, conductors and covers. GP Elektro-Automatic z o.o. also guarantees professional consultancy and technical support.


Industrial automation

Automation is the key to technical development. It supports the systems control in which human involvement is limited to a minimum. It also speeds up the production processes in industry, increases accuracy in medicine and other industries. That is why, GP Electro focuses on the highest standards.


Sensors are responsible for safety, control and accuracy of measurements in the production processes. Our offer includes only the highest quality sensors of top manufacturers (inductive, photoelectric, magnetic, temperature and others).


The main advantage of using hydraulic systems is high energy efficiency.  We offer pumps, valves, solenoid valves, coolers, distributors, filters, as well as hydraulic drives and motors as well as complete pump units.


Electrical installations of the top manufacturers are a guarantee of safety in the production plant. Efficient operation of an installation may have a direct impact on the health and life of employees, that is why the quality of particular components is so important.


The selection of high-class manufacturers is the basis for a robust, trouble-free operation of industrial machines. Our offer includes a wide range of components - actuators, solenoid valves, valves and couplings, pneumatic hoses and elements used in air preparation units.

Measurement and monitoring equipment

The state-of-the-art measurement and monitoring equipment are an investment for many years. We offer electronic diagnostic and software instruments, devices and installations for automatic regulation, control and protection of devices and installations, as well as meters, thermal imaging cameras, instruments for measuring light and pyrometers.

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